Yoga and Yawning

Better Sleep With Yoga

Michael Kahn

By: Michael Kahn, Athlete's Flo Team

It’s 11pm on a Tuesday evening and your guilt conscious eyes gaze at the Netflix browse button. You have to be up tomorrow at 6:15am to do it all again and you decide to hit play anyways. For some reason, you just aren’t all that tired even though you know you should be. After all, you worked 10 hours today and barely even took a lunch break to power down that microwave burrito you got from the gas station on your way in.

Well, it turns out that sitting at a desk all day staring at screens and putting nutritionally empty food in your gut isn’t exactly the new age remedy for optimal performance and recovery. 

In enters yoga. It is already well documented that regular physical activity and quality nutrition play a vital role in our health and wellness routine. Physical exhaustion from a tough workout creates an ideal environment for quality restfulness.

Recent studies suggest that a regular yoga practice can yield huge benefits for insomniacs, pregnant women and the elderly (60+), however we can confidently postulate that this carries over to numerous populations and age groups outside of this range.

While engaging in a regular 1.5 hour long Ashtanga Primary Series practice may not be in the cards for you just yet, even adding just a few regular asanas (yoga poses) into your pre-bed routine in lieu of an extra episode of Parks and Recs may be the sleep panacea you’ve been looking for.

Try these yoga practices tonight within 30 minutes of bed prepare a first class ticket to Snoozeville:

1. 5 Minutes of Meditation-

Step 1- Pick a comfy spot on the floor. Consider grabbing a pillow to sit on.

Step 2- Sit down in a comfortable position.

Step 3-Just sit and breathe with your eyes closed. Don’t touch your phone, scratch your ear, or crinkle your nose. Give yourself 5 minutes to just sit and breathe. You’ll thank yourself later.

2. Wash Your Dirty Face-

One of the tenets of yoga involves maintaining a clean environment, both internally and externally. So buy some face soap and scrub your mug before bed. You’ll feel both refreshed and your skin will maintain or even regain its youthful appearance.

3. 10 Minutes of Deep Stretch-

Keep it super simple, just pick a few stretches that feel intuitively good and spend 45-90 seconds in each. Over time, your body will gain flexibility as your tissues lengthen and you may find relief from any chronic pain you experience from muscle stiffness Just breathe smoothly in and out of your nose (Ujaii breathing) until you feel ready to come out of the pose. Be patient and embrace the discomfort.

Just a few weeks of implementing these practices into your pre bed routine and you’ll find yourself dreaming about one of our Smokeshows as soon as your head hits the pillow. She’ll be doing yoga of course. Obviously.