Yoga & Sex

Yoga For A Better Sex Life

Shane McLendon

By: Shane Mclendon, Athlete's Flo Team

We are going balls-deep on yoga and sex, so make sure to get a good stretch in before reading. The stats and facts we’ve compiled should convince you that yoga can improve your sex life.

Make no mistake, there are endless vague claims about how practicing yoga can make a man more powerful in the bedroom, or on the kitchen floor for that matter. But we wanted rock-hard facts, so wrap your head around this…

Manly Body

Losing weight happens naturally with yoga. And fit people have better sex. You’ll have more stamina, more self confidence, and your partner can toss you around if that’s what you’re into.

Look, we don’t expect you to look like Mark Wahlberg after a few chaturangas, but dropping a few pounds can boost your sex life and yoga can help with that. You say your lady loves you just the way you are? I guess. Still, wouldn’t she love you more if she had zero fear of you dying on top of her at some point? Those 911 calls are awkward.

12-Week Study

We’d like to say a special thanks to the men who showed bombastic balls in a study that ate up 12 weeks of their lives! That’s firm dedication to ramping up your sex life. This 12-week yogathon found improvements across all aspects of male sexual satisfaction: “desire, intercourse satisfaction, performance, confidence, partner synchronization, erection, ejaculatory control, and orgasm.”

Let me break that down fellas.

  • Yoga boosts your energy so you want sex more.
  • Yoga reduces stress. and stress has been linked with decreased sex drive.
  • Yoga increases body awareness which helps reduce anxiety and increase blood flow to your “swimsuit area”.
  • Go from a 2-star rating to a 5.
  • You may launch a hostile takeover of your company with all your newfound confidence.
  • Plus, you’ll have complete control over that tool that is made for home improvement!

Happy partners make happy homes.

Premature Ejaculation

This is a real problem. Not for boys who don’t care about their partners. But for real men who see how vital it is to keep a lady happy for more than 8 seconds. Sure, you could pop a pill or two, but the longer you can avoid a pharmacy, the better you and your wallet will feel.

So here’s what a group of horny scientists found: Yoga appears to be a feasible, safe, effective, and acceptable non-pharmacological option for PE. See the full report here.

What’s that tell you?

That yoga can keep your high school sweetheart from trading you in for a dude with a yoga mat who can stay in the saddle for more than 2 minutes.

Last But Not Least

To wrap up this scientific sex-fest, here’s a study that means just as much as the prior ones listed. Heroes at Harvard found that women reported improved sexual function due to yoga. The brave ladies in the clinical study reported improvements regarding desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, pain, and overall satisfaction.

And for the thick-headed gentlemen out there… you and your partner doing yoga together can double the sex benefits.

Now, we want to note a criticism of many sex/yoga studies is the small study groups. We can’t argue that point. But, the best way to prove results is to test them in your own small study group!

Why not try one of our beginner's yoga videos with your partner and see what happens...