Yoga In Major League Baseball

Shane McLendon

Think you're too much of a badass to try yoga? If yoga workouts are good enough for superstar athletes like Bryce Harper then it’s good enough for Rick in section 156. A super stretch could keep Rick from pulling a hammy when reaching for a foul ball.

Bryce Harper does yoga “every Tuesday” and gives credit to yoga for reduced leg tightness and improved focus.

Anthony Rizzo can back him up on that. This guy got mentally tough with yoga, empowering him to stare down World Series jitters with ease. So what’s that tell you?

That you can raise your game in the gym, workplace, and even romantically if you mix in some major league yoga.

Less stress with the boss-man, fewer injuries at the squat rack, and no more eye-rolling from your partner at midnight.

“After about a 20-30 minute routine, my body feels in good position to go out and perform.”
~Anthony Rizzo

Hey, we’re open to hearing your objections to trying yoga. Not really... keep them to yourself. Better yet, share them with your fellow rehabbers after you pull a muscle in a 5k or get tennis elbow. No doubt you’ll have plenty of time to talk about how you are too hardcore to try yoga when you’re on the IL.

Still not convinced? Ask Giancarlo Stanton. He’s used it to avoid hamstring issues that once plagued him. Muscles tighten up when you’re standing around, but Stanton used yoga to avoid that.

"Yoga has really helped me become more aware of my body, and what I can do to help it."  
~Giancarlo Stanton

Now he can easily track down a fly ball after ten minutes of no action. Think about that next time your partner lures you into the bedroom after you’ve been on the couch for 7 hours!

One study presented at the American Academy of Pain Management in 2016 showed yoga was as effective as physical therapy in alleviating lower back pain. Benefits like that have kept Clayton Kershaw dominating the Majors for 13 years and counting.

The choice is yours when it comes to stepping up to the plate with a yoga trial run. Will you be the next Clayton Kershaw? Sure, you could end up an eight-time All-Star, three-time National League Cy Young winner, and be the best pitcher in baseball. Happens all the time. Or, maybe you just become more flexible which ups your game in other sports you enjoy. You could also become less of an A-hole due to yoga easing your stress levels.

But if you get really lucky, yoga will become a way of life for you like the Major League Baseball stars we just mentioned. If this ancient practice is worthwhile for athletes with $100 million contracts, then it’s gotta be worth trying out, right? So go ahead… stretch yourself. You don’t have to wait for the 7th inning, you can start right HERE.